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Bullied? Build a team

There are different ways to build a team to help you with bullies.

  1. Use the No Bystanders team in the previous post – that’s your friends at school.
  2. Build a team of mentors of all ages: a supportive older brother or sister, a grandparent, a parent, a librarian, a teacher who you like, a counselor, a pastor or minister. They may help you find a local group that prevents bullying. They may have tips and ideas to help you as well.
  3. For additional support, try using a group of spiritual helpers like angels that you talk to and pray to. Learn about some of the archangels who are protectors. You always need to ask them for their help. Make a daily practice of asking  your guardian angel to help you, too. Always ask a friend who is old enough to help you create a people team, too. You need both kinds.
  4. A famous author named Napoleon Hill suggested building teams for making money and creating mastermind groups to build a good life. You can create a real live team for supporting you with bullying as suggested above, and you can also collect names of famous people dead or alive who you think would know the best ways to avoid getting bullied or to stop getting bullied.  Learn more about the people you choose.                                    Once a day, hold conversations with those famous people by imagining them in your mind. Ask them questions silently or out loud and wait and listen to hear what comes back to you. Sometimes you’ll get an idea from this and maybe find a book in the library or an article online to help. Sometimes you may suddenly think of someone you know who could help you as soon as you talk to them! It may take some practice and some getting used to as most of us never do this kind of experiment.


Being Bullied? No Bystanders!

"Understanding Relational Aggression Across Development: What School Psychologists Need to Know" Earn 1 documented CPD credit. Member price: $20.

You are at lunch. A kid comes up and makes you his target. YOU tell him (or her) to leave. He won’t. What do you do?

Before lunch, you talk to all your lunch buddies. They are to back you up and anyone else who gets targeted at your lunch table. You are a team.

Here’s what to do.. When you tell the bully to leave, if the bully doesn’t leave, one of your lunch mates says, “She  (or he) told you to leave.”

No giggling. No bystanders. You and your lunch mates are a team. They ask the bully to leave too. They are there for you. You all demand he or she leave enough, either the bully will go, or an adult will notice and help.

Now go on – with your lunch and your friendships. Teams are powerful…


This is a continuing series. Next time, what if you’re bullied and only have one friend or no friends with you?

Here’s a link that can help: 

Being Bullied? Try slogans

POFFF and Artist, Author Melanie A. Stinson -with a little help from her friends-  will be posting here on and off to help YOU up your pizzazz. Why? Because no one should be bullied.

Kheris Rogers found a way to go in to her SOUL with her sister’s help. She developed a slogan, Flexin in my Complexion.

You can do this too. For instance, Mighty Shiner at the POFFF!

Some times we feel afraid to tell someone we’re being pushed, bullied or hurt in some way. Put on your super hero cape for a while and eve if you’re shakin’ all over tell someone who you know loves you, a parent, grandparent, or a favorite teacher, counselor or adult friend.

If Flexin’ in your Complexion doesn’t suit you, what does? We are all super in some way. Find your slogan in that. Need help, ask supportive family and friends.

Some times we’re sad though and it’s hard to find that part of us. That’s okay. You can get help with that too. I often go for help. I have counselor, therapist and other healing practitioner people who help me. You can too. Soon the POFFF will have some link to those kinds of help.

You also might want to learn about Kheris. She is on instagram and facebook  too. Here’s her website flexininmycomplexion

Middle Princesses, Hairy Fairies?

I sketched these guys one day. They may get their own book sometime.


When I made pictures for my book, The Middle Princess, I let you, dear readers, create in your minds what you think gnat-giraffes, I-ings and hairy fairies would look like. It’s more fun that way.

If you care to share any pictures you make or take (if you find an I-ing under the bed), I would love to post the best pictures. They need to be virus-free and jpg files.

The Middle Princess has a new cover – soon to be on the ebook. Buy your book here and watch out for those hairy fairies hiding in the trees. You need to take a snapshot while they’re asleep or else you’ll miss them completely.

The POFFF Master – Melanie

P.S. The Middle Princess is for ages 6-10 and can be read to anyone.

Go on an Adventure today

You can go on an adventure anywhere – to your backyard, along a wood fence, in school, or in an office building. Take along a sketchpad and journal. Doodle, jot down ideas. Oh – maybe you’ll take a camera and take some pictures!

On some adventures, it’s fun to find stones. According to some native peoples, stones you find can tell you stories. You gaze at them and see what pictures you see there. What story does each picture tell and do they tell one all together? What does each picture remind you of in your life – or about you today?

Maybe you like a texture on one part of a stone. Does that texture show you a picture or two? Do any ideas come to you from the feeling you get from holding the stone? Is that part of your story time today?

Here’s a favorite stone I found in an adventure in a gem and crystal festival I attended. It could be the stone of where I live in the Great Black Swamp. This stone speaks to us in different ways.

Swamp Bog Jasper

What might I find in a swamp today? What creatures lived in prehistoric swamps? I’ll bet there were some kind of dragonflies.

dragonfly fossil

Fluorite – Cool stone of many colors


Fluorites are considered minerals by some. Others say fluorite is a calcium fluoride crystal with a hardness of 4.

Of course, we think of them as stones without getting so specific.

Fluorite lent its name to the property of fluorescence, the display of vivid glowing colors in ultraviolet light.

Today, some people believe stones like fluorite have qualities that help us. Before I believe what I read or am told about a stone or crystal however, I like to hold them to see how they feel to me. Some make me antsy, while others seem peaceful and calming.

Fluorite is said to help people think clearly, and some stone lovers believe that yellow fluorite can make you smarter.

One Crystal Energy Therapist suggests that green fluorite can help with asthma. Since I don’t have asthma, I can’t say that this report is true, but if you try it and find it helps with your asthma, I’d love to hear from you.

Blue John or Derbyshire spar is one of the most famous Fluorite varieties and has been used since Roman times in making vases and other ornamental objects. Fluorite was mined in the county of Derbyshire, England, and typically exhibited a banded pattern of blue, violet, and purple.

Fluorite is associated with the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Pisces and with the month of February as a birthstone. It is the state mineral of Illinois in the United States.

Fluorites come in an amazing array of colors. The purple ones are sometimes confused with Amethyst.

While stones are great to hold and look at, if you want, you can wear fluorite as a necklace or pendant. Some come in solid colors while others may look striped or rainbow-like.

Here are two examples of necklaces. You might want to wear one of these fluorite pendant

featured fluorite pendants that I sell in my aplace4us – Things We Love store online. Click on either one of the photos to find out more.


Uses of fluorite:

  • Ornamental or decorative
  • As flux in the manufacture of steel
  • To make opalescent glass
  • As enamels for cooking utensils
  • As hydrofluoric acid
  • As elements in place of glass in some high performance telescopes and camera lenses

Stories of the Stones2: Fairy Wand Quartz

Fairy Wand Quartz can also be called Spirit Quartz and Fairy Wand Amethyst, although some rock hounds may find differences among these stones. The crystals are found in Mexico and are named for the delicacy and fanciful forms in which the crystals appear.

Some metaphysical sources say these stones are relaxing and help you feel more peaceful when held. If you’re interested in such things and are sensitive, these crystals can help you connect to fairies and guardian angels, beings who are loving and beneficent. When you hold such a stone, let your imagination wander and see what happens. Don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden breeze or soft wings around you!

Some places to find crystals and other beautiful and unusual stones might be your local gem and rockhound club, a new age store, some health food stores, and by searching on the Internet.