If Harry Potter created his own POFFF, what would it be? A muggle spot, dragon island, Quiddich oasis?

If Harry had his own POFFF, he might have some place to go whenever he felt weak, or unable to confront a particular challenge–like say, a potions test. He could relax in his POFFF, build his power, find some magical beings to be his allies, and drink a goblet or two of confidence potion to give him the guts to face Voldemort.

The POFFF Master sets a challenge… who can use the comments after this post to create a POFFF suitable for Harry? The top three will be posted on this site. The winner will get to discuss some prize options with the POFFF Master. And if it’s a winning video you create, post it on youtube & give us the link so we can broadcast it far & wide.

TIPS for creating POFFS