Channeling. Ever wondered what that word means?

To be a channel. Like a T.V.? With Channel 13, 12, 24, 2, 187? Running the morning show, Eleven O’Clock News, Dancing With the Stars, Gilmore Girls or reruns of Little House on the Prairie. These images and sounds coming in on little invisible waves or frequencies.

We keep coming up with new words and new meanings for old words. Did we have the word, channeling, in the 19th Century? Did dinosaurs channel? Do the whales?

A lot of writers and artists feel like they channel their work. But is that the same as someone who believes they channel guides, spirit beings, or a group from the Andromeda Galaxy?

I’m interested in channelers and their experiences. I’m interested in young channelers who may be feeling alone out there. Maybe they  wonder if anyone else has had the same things happening, and because it seems totally weird, never discuss it with anyone.

I always thought I was immensely imaginative. I heard poems and wrote things that the me who is aware of things couldn’t even remember writing. I’d read something and go, I wrote that? Then I figured if I told anybody the words just came out of me (I mean, I wrote in Danish once and I don’t know Danish), they’d think something must be seriously wrong.

But then every once in awhile I’d hear others talk about their experiences as artists, hearing characters speaking in their heads and having characters not shut up until their words were put down on paper.

Is that a form of channeling? I don’t know, but I bet a lot of folks have opinions and experiences with this sort of thing, and I bet it doesn’t matter what age you are to have it happen. I’m curious and I’d like to hear from others out there. So, please get on my wavelength and give me some feedback.