I promised I’d give a little practice cracking some codes. Let’s try to decode the following:

Your mother, friend, teacher or a stranger says you must exercise to be healthy.

There are all sorts of codes in that sentence.

Whatever you connect to has meaning for you. Maybe the meaning or message is about what you could do today. Or in the future.

Let’s look at two words: exercise and healthy.

Maybe the message is about something new to try that you never heard of or thought about using as “exercise.”

Maybe there’s a whole different meaning to exercise that you’ll be connected to… for instance, you could exercise your intuition. What does exercise mean in that case?

When I googled the word, “exercise,” I was taken to an article written by someone with my first name and the first initial of my last name! (Or at least, that’s what I noticed at the time). In a way, I was doing an exercise when I googled the word.

If you want, consider the word, healthy. Google it or look it up. Notice what thoughts pop into your head about this word, now. What is inside you right now when you read or think about the word, “healthy?”

Follow it–it’s a clue inside you. Allow the clues or messages to take you somewhere–to meaning or messages–to move you for a few moments, to direct your attention.

What do you discover… about the word, about you, about your thoughts?

Another part of this game is to listen. Listen now for clues, messages and meanings about exercise and health. Maybe you’ll hear these from a friend, a speaker on the radio or television, or the words of a song.

Or maybe, for you, it’s not about exercise and healthy, its about something else on this site.

Happy trails, adventures, meanderings, trackings, decipherings…