I’ve always loved sea horses. Fascinating little creatures. They probably have a little mythology attached to them, too. If you find out something cool about them, please leave a comment below. And if you have one or raise them and visit this site, let us know who you are and any stories or facts you have about yours.

I just began my search and was led to sea dragons! Wow. I only vaguely knew they existed. Leafy sea dragons rock my socks! They’re so beautiful and unusual.

Think about your self. Are you a sea horse or a sea dragon, or something else? When I go in that direction, I feel like a mermaid. I do love the water. What do you love? These things are clues about you and your inner mystery.

Go explore and see what you discover–about you and your world–and the magic of sea horses, dragons, and other creatures that have connections to water.