Water Crystal for Truth

Since we’ve been looking at water horses, sea horses and sea dragons, and about cracking codes, it came to me to bring up something that could change your life.

Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan did research on water using a variety of words. He discovered that words have incredible power as well as a vibration. He photographed the results. The photos are available on line and in several books he’s published.

Certain words like joy, love, courtesy, and happiness created beautiful balanced water crystals while other words like war and hate created a crystal that was malformed and often looked like the word used on it.

Take a look also at Dr. Emoto’s research on music and how different types affect the formation of water crystals. Heavy metal looks like it could truly impact our ears in ways that might very well affect our hearing! To me the crystal looks damaged, even eroded. Just imagine if the crystal were your ears.

Taking this even further, if words can affect water, imagine their impact on us and on those we care about. We’re made up of mostly water, so kind, loving words spoken to ourselves are better for us than something that could cause pain or destruction.

What do you think? And if you find a cool site about the hidden messages in water, let the POFFF Master know by leaving a comment below.