I sketched these guys one day. They may get their own book sometime.


When I made pictures for my book, The Middle Princess, I let you, dear readers, create in your minds what you think gnat-giraffes, I-ings and hairy fairies would look like. It’s more fun that way.

If you care to share any pictures you make or take (if you find an I-ing under the bed), I would love to post the best pictures. They need to be virus-free and jpg files.

You can purchase the book here. SUGGESTION: only purchase the kindle book because I have no idea why Amazon would charge $40 for the print version. It should be no more than $12.00 as it is a picture book with not too many pages. 🙂

The POFFF Master – Melanie

P.S. The Middle Princess is for ages 6-10 and can be read to anyone.