POFFF and Artist, Author Melanie A. Stinson -with a little help from her friends-  will be posting here on and off to help YOU up your pizzazz. Why? Because no one should be bullied.

Kheris Rogers found a way to go in to her SOUL with her sister’s help. She developed a slogan, Flexin in my Complexion.

You can do this too. For instance, Mighty Shiner at the POFFF!

Some times we feel afraid to tell someone we’re being pushed, bullied or hurt in some way. Put on your super hero cape for a while and eve if you’re shakin’ all over tell someone who you know loves you, a parent, grandparent, or a favorite teacher, counselor or adult friend.

If Flexin’ in your Complexion doesn’t suit you, what does? We are all super in some way. Find your slogan in that. Need help, ask supportive family and friends.

Some times we’re sad though and it’s hard to find that part of us. That’s okay. You can get help with that too. I often go for help. I have counselor, therapist and other healing practitioner people who help me. You can too. Soon the POFFF will have some link to those kinds of help.

You also might want to learn about Kheris. She is on instagram and facebook  too. Here’s her website flexininmycomplexion