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You are at lunch. A kid comes up and makes you his target. YOU tell him (or her) to leave. He won’t. What do you do?

Before lunch, you talk to all your lunch buddies. They are to back you up and anyone else who gets targeted at your lunch table. You are a team.

Here’s what to do.. When you tell the bully to leave, if the bully doesn’t leave, one of your lunch mates says, “She  (or he) told you to leave.”

No giggling. No bystanders. You and your lunch mates are a team. They ask the bully to leave too. They are there for you. You all demand he or she leave enough, either the bully will go, or an adult will notice and help.

Now go on – with your lunch and your friendships. Teams are powerful…


This is a continuing series. Next time, what if you’re bullied and only have one friend or no friends with you?

Here’s a link that can help: stopbullying.gov