There are different ways to build a team to help you with bullies.

  1. Use the No Bystanders team in the previous post – that’s your friends at school.
  2. Build a team of mentors of all ages: a supportive older brother or sister, a grandparent, a parent, a librarian, a teacher who you like, a counselor, a pastor or minister. They may help you find a local group that prevents bullying. They may have tips and ideas to help you as well.
  3. For additional support, try using a group of spiritual helpers like angels that you talk to and pray to. Learn about some of the archangels who are protectors. You always need to ask them for their help. Make a daily practice of asking  your guardian angel to help you, too. Always ask a friend who is old enough to help you create a people team, too. You need both kinds.
  4. A famous author named Napoleon Hill suggested building teams for making money and creating mastermind groups to build a good life. You can create a real live team for supporting you with bullying as suggested above, and you can also collect names of famous people dead or alive who you think would know the best ways to avoid getting bullied or to stop getting bullied.  Learn more about the people you choose.                                    Once a day, hold conversations with those famous people by imagining them in your mind. Ask them questions silently or out loud and wait and listen to hear what comes back to you. Sometimes you’ll get an idea from this and maybe find a book in the library or an article online to help. Sometimes you may suddenly think of someone you know who could help you as soon as you talk to them! It may take some practice and some getting used to as most of us never do this kind of experiment.