The idea of a POFFF comes from a YA novel work-in-process called, Jones, an urban fantasy, written by the virtual POFFF Master here.

How would you deal if your mother bashed into the town bully’s red Corvette? Randall doesn’t deal well. The bully used to be his best friend.

He seeks refuge in the local library, decides to spend the night and discovers a new wing he’s never seen before. Down the hall a bit he finds a door with a letter on it… the letter L.

Heart pounding, Randall ventures inside–into what he will learn is a POFFF… A space, a place… of fulfillent and feasibility. There he meets an ageless boy-man named L, who is a POFFF Master, someone who teaches about energy and the mind and who works with young people to help them understand living in this new age that we are entering into each day. He teaches Randall how to use his energy and mind for support, instead of allowing them to wreak havoc in his life as bullies like to do.

This idea of a POFFF led this virtual POFFF Master to create virtual and real-time POFFFs–spaces of fun, friendship, and fearless discovery–and she dreams of designing more of them (in schools, malls, town centers, arts centers, apartment complexes, churches, homes, rooms, and of course, to help other POFFF Masters like you to find the ones inside).

Do you have a POFFF?