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The Water Horse: riding the Big Monster

Happy New Year Every Body!

Well, I loved the movie and definitely give it a big Kahuna round of applause. It is changed from the book as most movies made from books tend to be. The only movie I can think of that I felt was so close to the book that I couldn’t tell the difference was Because of Winn-Dixie, one of the Pofff Master’s fav books of recent years. Leave a comment about how you reacted to The Water Horse once you see it.

Having begun an e-mail conversation with our incredible young actor, Alex Etel, I wondered how they filmed him riding the Big Crusoe. Alex replied that they used a jet ski, which he rode while it was driven around.

Think about that one. Here was Alex, a young fellow, not a strong swimmer and somewhat fearful of water and he ends up on a jet ski giving us quite a convincing performance! I’m looking forward to seeing more from him in the future (in fact, in a few years he might be just right for the main character, Randall, if a movie is made of the book from which The Pofff comes called, “Jones.”) The Pofff Master is looking for a publisher right now. So check back here and see what happens in the process of a book finding a way into the world.

 What Alex and many of us are working to master is called, Confidence. Whenever you doubt yourself, whenever you feel you can’t do it, click on the link below. Listen and allow the magic of this music to fill you with the power that you, too, have inside.

Dream Big, my friends. Dream big.

Books into movies – The Water Horse

For those of you who might enjoy acting, be thinking of it, or have questions about how actors create their characters, the Pofff Master took this opportunity to continue connecting to young actor, Alex Etel, of the upcoming movie, The Water Horse, which came from a book by Dick King-Smith, who wrote Babe. Alex had to pretend a tennis ball was the water horse for part of the filming of the movie. If you had to do the same thing, would you be able to pretend well enough to make it believable?

Alex wrote: i didnt read the book before but as soon as i got the part i started reading it
i took part in this because there is not many movies like this round at the minute and its a family script so i loved it
the book kind of attracted me to the film kind of because its a dick-king smith book
for me it was so hard to react to a tennis ball because i feel so stupid
the main thing is the self conciousnous is really hard to get over

The Pofff Master understands feeling stupid and self-conscious. Many of us go through this. It is human. But actors – the good ones – have the ability to take feelings like this and use those feelings in a way that turns them around or transforms them into other emotions that the characters may be feeling. 

We don’t have Alex here to question him about how he overcame or dealt with this feeling, but if an actor or you and I feel stupid, embarrassed, ashamed, or self-conscious and we can’t let go of it or use it, what can we do? I wonder if some of the adults in the film The Water Horse like Emily Watson or Ben Chaplin helped Alex. I wonder if director Jay Russell helped him with this.

Ask people you know who you admire what they do if they feel stupid or ashamed about something they did or had to do.
Click below to find out a couple things the POFFF Master recommends… Color Me Stupid – Silly Wand

Meanwhile in an interview (click on Ben Chaplin) above, both Alex and Ben spoke of working in the water for the film. Some of us, like Ben Chaplin, have fear of water. If you have this fear, look at the slideshow above this Books into movies post.

  • Place your hands on your belly.
  • Think of something you’re struggling with or afraid of
  • Feel under your hands
  • Gaze at the picture and pretend you can drink it–all the colors
  • Taste it as it goes into your mouth. What flavor is it? Grape? Cherry? Pina Colada?
  • Feel how it goes down your throat into your chest, upper belly, stomach
  • Breathe slow and deep
  • Take another drink… feel how it goes down throat-chest-stomach
  • Repeat for as long as you need