I never decided to put fairies or fantasy in my art work. But they certainly decided they wanted to be there. Now when I close my eyes I can feel them nearby plus other beings that are kind and helpful guides.

I have worked with a child who knew she had a snow leopard as her power animal, and I saw an angel-like fairy or swan queen around a grandmother who felt troubled.

It seems that fairies choose to be seen, and they choose who they will appear to. If you want to see them, you have to let them know. You might make them a special invitation with lots of color, glitter and maybe a petal or leaf. Leave it out in a special place.

Another way to invite them in is to practice something called meditation. Find a spot where you won’t be interrupted for 10 to 20 minutes. It can be your bedroom. Keep a notebook, journal, sketchbook, doodle pad and pencils, pens, crayons nearby.

Close your eyes and take three deep slow breaths, feeling the air come in your nose and go deep into your belly. Imagine a mini you and watch that mini you walk out of yourself, out of the heart part of yourself onto a shimmering road of any color you’d like. Follow that path to a pond. If you’d like to see a water being, focus on the water. If you’d like to see a magical earth being, find a clearing, field, garden, meadow, or woods, and focus there. Ask for your fairies to appear for you so that you can know them little by little. [If you want practice seeing a meadow, park, or garden, go observe a real one and notice everything about it. You could sketch or describe it or even take a photo of it.]

In the meditation, keep bringing your attention back to the pond or the clearing, whatever you’ve chosen. Wait. Listen. See what comes. If your attention wanders, bring it back to the pond or clearing, or if you see or sense a being, to that being. You might also ask to know your power animal, an animal that you like that is a special and helpful animal in your life. I’ll write about those more another time.

At first you will learn how you best perceive, and how your magical beings appear to you. You may hear words. You may notice thoughts that suggest they’re near or some other communication such as a picture or image. You may see something on the screen of your mind.

You’ll have to experiment. When you’ve focused for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes, thank the fairies, and allow the mini you to walk back down the path and back inside you. Then write about what happened, draw what you saw or what comes to you. If you were given information, ideas, whatever, write it down or write about it. Maybe you’ll feel like putting on some music and dancing. Do it! Maybe you’ll write a poem or a song and even hear the music.

If you practice each day, you may ask for help with things like feeling better, getting your homework done on time, finding time to do something special, or feeling safe when everything feels too rushed or scary.

As you practice, you may begin to notice fairies in your life in store windows, in books in the library, in school. See what forms they take. Artists and writers see magical beings in many different ways. Maybe you’ll hear or feel them and not see them but they’ll come out of you like they do with me in my art.

You can also write to me, the Pofff Master, at pof.thesite@yahoo.com if you would like help with this kind of meditation, or if you have questions or problems with it. 

I wonder what you’ll discover. If you draw or write something, I hope you’ll share it here.

Blessings & joy! Have fun.