There are power places and sacred mountains, healing springs, enchanted caves, and sites for sacred healing and of divine apparitions, magical creatures, faeries, and sprites all over the world: Stonehenge and other sites in England, Scotland and Wales: Machu Picchu and other sites in Peru, South America; and equally wonderful places in Tibet, China, Japan and in the U.S.

Water places are especially healing and relaxing. In Northwest Ohio, there is Otsego Park and Sidecut Park that share the scenic Maumee River. Wintergarden/St. John’s Woods, a Bowling Green City Park off Wintergarden Road, has wonderful views after rain of what the Great Black Swamp was like. There’s even a little boardwalk over one swampy area that’s like a pond.

All of Ohio has lovely places with more hilly country, and quaint towns. Investigate places like Yellow Springs.

Ohio natural, fun  places include: The 577 Foundation on East River Road and East Boundary in Perrysburg and Simpson Garden Park on the corner of Wintergarden Road and Conneaut in Bowling Green.

Sylvania, Ohio has a lot of fairy habitats that can be seen on a drive through basis. There is even a store called, Angela’s Angels. Fairies are sometimes known as nature’s angels.

And what about Holy Toledo? It received this name somehow. It may be that there have been connections made here to the Divine Mother as nature is sometimes known. Also, the immense group of Toledo Lightworkers in the area brings in a high light quotient and raises vibrations.

Enchanted Toledo, Ohio and its environs offer wonderful nature and art experiences, plus sanctuary for spiritual respites, too. It may be an adventure finding some of them, but they include: Oak Openings, Wildwood, The Angel Light Sanctuary located at 12101 W. Central Avenue, Swanton, OH 43558, that as of last visit has no sign announcing it from the road. There are a slew of art galleries in the city that could make an enchanting day or weekend outing. Throw in a visit to nearby 577 Foundation or the village of Grand Rapids, which runs along the Maumee River and offers lots of little shops plus the Angelwood Gallery (note the angel/fairy combo here).

Grand Rapids, Ohio: note the water in the name. Prospect Park on the other side of the Maumee River from Grand Rapids offers canal and train rides of yesteryear.

Ann Arbor, Michigan has fairy doors. Check out the site for maps and info. Makes a great day or weekend excursion.

In New York, Rockland State Park and Nyack State Park offer some beautiful displays of nature (with water). Nyack is a quaint little town with a magic all its own. And in New Jersey, lovely Spring Lake on the ocean gives you sea and lakes within a quaint little town. Both Nyack and Spring Lake are resort towns.

All of these places and water, land formations, even cloud formations like sylphs or magnificent even mythical creatures can be part of a virtual or mind POFFF, though some creatures that are alive today may seem almost fantasy-like to us because they’re so beautiful or do such extraordinary things. Look at this sylph.

The POFFF Master would love to hear of other places, creatures, and experiences–anything especially healing, unique or extraordinary–that happened in a wonderful place. Make sure you check out sightings for more.

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