You think of someone, someone you’d love to talk to who has not been on your mind for awhile. The phone rings. It is that someone. Coincidence? A special connection or wavelength?

Someone has a headache for days, weeks… Goes to the doctor, has brain X-rays and is given pain medication. The person begins to believe she or he has something horrible inside. Nothing helps. The person hears about a treatment called Reiki. The person has a 20-minute Reiki session from a Reiki Master. The headache goes away and does not return.

You walk into a room. It feels positively yucky. Your mother says, “Ohh. What’s going on in here. It’s awful.” You sure can feel it. Maybe the hair stands up on your arms. Your mother says, “Let’s get out of here.” You agree.

You see colors or light around people and in some places. Sometimes you think you see a person in the air.

You feel like you have good luck. When you wish for something and think about it for awhile, you always seem to receive it.

Bad vibes? Good vibes? Gut feelings? Aliens? Angels? Magic? Sensing with something inside you that doesn’t quite have a name? It’s not your mind, though your mind may jump in to give an interpretation or name to it. What is it? A sixth sense? Intuition? ESP?

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