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From Alex Etel about The Water Horse

The Pofff Master thought it would be cool to hear what the young actor, Alex Etel, had to say about the waterhorse that his character discovers in the upcoming movie, The Water Horse, Legend of the Deep, to be in movie theaters on Christmas Day.

The movie is based on the fabulous children’s book by Dick King-Smith. You can get that book in most libraries and book stores.


From Alex Etel:

“the loch ness monster is suppost to be a mythical creature and there is suppost to be only one in the world at a time. this story is amazing i think it is on par with things like E.t and free willy i love this movie and really hope everybody will see it.”



So the Water Horse is supposed to be the Loch Ness monster, found when it is an egg. The Pofff Master wonders if you know about the Loch Ness monster. Read more by clicking here

The Pofff Master wonders what made Dick King-Smith write a book like this. The author seems to love the water horse to be able to write about it.  

What do you think the Loch Ness monster is? Is it really a monster?

Have you ever been afraid of something? Really scared, maybe something about yourself, and you felt it deep inside, and maybe even thought it was something monsterous?

Was it a monster? Is monster a name for something unknown, something strange and different that we scare ourselves about because we don’t understand it?

Try answering some of these questions with your mind. Write down the answers. Then try answering them by feeling into them, feeling into your body about them. Does that change the answers? Does it help you feel better about some part of yourself?

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