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POFFF in a Bottle


Here at the POFFF we believe. We believe in ourselves to feel better than we ever imagined possible. So come here to play and discover wonder and delight. Find your fascinated, encouraged and feeling-very-fine fantastic self now! Open Sesame. I Ziggy Zoomba. Zippideedooda, Zippideeay!

The Middle PrinceSs

The Adventures of Being in the Middle of Everything.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Probably. Because we’re all royalty and we all are in the middle of something.

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Enchanted Shoes

I found a pair of shoes that I would love to own and I think many elfin folk would enjoy wearing them. I have green fairy shoes, but I can’t walk far in them.

Check out these enchanted shoes. Can you make your own?
Check out these enchanted shoes. Can you make your own?

Thank you to artist Lexi Sundell for sharing these with the world on line. If you’d like to read the story behind them, click here.

Do you have enchanted wear? Can you make some?