Do you notice plants that look sick? Do you think the earth needs our help? Would you like to help? You can.

Here are some ways to do so:

1. Draw a picture of healing hands. Add anything else you think would be helpful for this picture. Some children have put jewels, water and sunlight in their drawings. You can add anything – even glitter or a smiling face or special colors.

  • Now rub your hands together and place them on the picture.
  • Make your wish to help in whatever way you can. Say a prayer too if you wish.
  • Stop after a few minutes or when you feel you’ve done what you wanted.
  • If you have friends who might enjoy helping, get them to make a helpful picture another day with you.

2. Send a prayer to the angels who care for the earth.

3. Make a fairy home out of a seashell, paper cup, or plain ceramic pot. Decorate it to bring fairies to it.

  • Ask those fairies, nature’s angels, to help you with your wish.
  • If you can hold the fairy home in your hands, you can rub your hands together like in #1 above and place them around your fairy home.
  • Make your wish and focus on it for a few minutes.
  • You may want to spend a few minutes a day doing this.

4. Start a new kind of recycling program in your home or at your school. You may need to have friends and family help with this one. 🙂

If you enjoy these activities and want to do something very special, you could ask to learn Reiki from a Reiki teacher your parents or guardians find for you who lives nearby or who works with children online. You and your parents or guardians may need to learn a bit about Reiki first so you understand how safe it is, how much fun it can be, and how it could help you and anything you love.

You can use Reiki to help friends and family members feel better, which is something that Reiki is wonderful for. Reiki can also help pets, gardens, crops, indoor plants, even water. Isn’t that wonderful?

If you think of other ways to help on your own, please share here so readers can all try it too 🙂