Need a place to go when you’re feeling hassled, fearful, bothered? I learned a great technique many years ago for creating a garden place, but you can make it any sort of place you like. It will always be with you because you create it and you go to it–inside yourself.

Take out a doodle pad, a couple large blank sheets of paper, or a sketch book or journal. You’re going to create a blueprint for your haven. If you’re super talented, you can do it all in your head, by closing your eyes and seeing it.

I think it’s a bit easier to put it on paper. You can cut out pictures from magazines, print images off the web, draw nooks, crannies, arbors, fountains, water ways.

WHERE THIS POFFF idea came from:

The idea of a POFFF comes from a YA novel work-in-process called, Jones, an urban fantasy, written by the virtual POFFF Master here.

How would you deal if your mother bashed into the town bully’s red Corvette? Randall doesn’t deal well. The bully used to be his best friend.

He seeks refuge in the local library, decides to spend the night and discovers a new wing he’s never seen before. Down the hall a bit he finds a door with a letter on it… the letter L.

Heart pounding, Randall ventures inside–into what he will learn is a POFFF… A space, a place… of fulfillent and feasibility. There he meets an ageless boy-man named L, who is a POFFF Master, someone who teaches about energy and the mind and who works with young people to help them understand living in this new age that we are entering into each day. He teaches Randall how to use his energy and mind for support, instead of allowing them to wreak havoc in his life as bullies like to do.

This idea of a POFFF led this virtual POFFF Master to create virtual and real-time POFFFs–spaces of fun, friendship, and fearless discovery–and she dreams of designing more of them (in schools, malls, town centers, arts centers, apartment complexes, churches, homes, rooms, and of course, to help other POFFF Masters like you to find the ones inside).

Do you have a POFFF?

You can have regeneration chambers, sparkler centers, lagoons, balloon chairs. And you can populate this place of yours with power animals, guides, wizards, angels, creatures wise and fun and loony, movie characters, whoever or whatever you dream up.  There can be elves and Oak Men and Merfolk, if that’s your cup of tea.

What kind of fragrances and aromas do you want? Is it a tropical island, a hideaway in a forest or up in the clouds? It’s your place to come to whenever you want and to evolve and grow with you.

You can surround it with Reiki or specially set energy fields or colors you particularly like. Maybe you’d like some music playing.

Once you get it down in some fashion, you can begin this journey or meditation to go to it: Close your eyes and imagine that you can walk outside yourself. See this “mini-you” walk down a path or a yellow brick road to your special place.

It’s a good idea to have a way to enter your haven and use all your senses in entering. For instance, I walk past a lagoon with dolphins and come in behind a waterfall, through an orange cave in which I hear water trickling. I come up some steps into my garden place.

Then I touch the enormous tree that’s there at the entrance and feel the bark. This is a way to orient myself to this place. I listen for bird calls and see the tree or a bird in the tree clearly. Then I walk over to the rock, crystal, geode wall I created, feel the warm stone under me and dangle my feet into the water running by.

Feel how it feels. See what’s there, what you hear, smell, touch. Notice what’s there or who’s there that you may not have put in your picture. Allow it all to grow and evolve with you. Surround it with white light to make it safe and comforting.

Good luck to you. I’ll be posting different things here that you can use in Your Place or in your life to help you feel better. And if you want to share some things that really work to help you so others can benefit, leave a comment & that will be your sharing place.

Or e-mail as a jpg or gif file the drawing of your POFFF to: Check back to see if it gets posted.

POFFF Well-being Chamber